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We believe in the power of prayer!  You are important to God, and you are important to us at Howard Ministries Church. When it comes to prayer, we believe that God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you. So whatever you're concerned about and need prayer for — we want to be here for you!

We ask for all to join and pray for each and every person's prayer needs.

Thank you and be blessed!

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Prayer Requests

Lanna W. • Posted on 11/16/2022 • General

I would like to put in a prayer request for my co-worker John Barfield who suffers from multiple sclerosis and has been out of work most of the year I pray that he gets all the medical help and benefits that he needs and financial help to support what he still has to build his body stronger every day this prayer request comes from Lena Woods I could not get the bottom categories to work

Anonymous • Posted on 10/12/2022 • General

I need prayer that whatever is going on with dad's health right now I pray that it will not get worse than what it already is. He has dementia and I to need prayer to stay strong and patient, for I'm his only child living to take care of him and I have a hard time doing so and scared of the outcome of not knowing what to do, but thank God for family. Just please pray. That I also will get some sleep. Please pray that my wrist will heal correctly this time.
Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Anonymous • Posted on 8/16/2022 • Salvation

Please pray for a man that I am friends with and have went out with, Randall, he regularly attends my church and he talks to me about the things of God, he talks like someone truly saved, he even told me about when he got saved, but his lifestyle definitely does not match up with what he says, he told me about doing some things that I know are wrong and he talks like their OK to do. He also told me his opinion on some messages he heard some preachers preach on things that are wrong. When telling me this he sounded a little mad about what the preachers said. From hearing this from him I feel like he is under conviction.
He has an addiction to tobacco Skoal and he has said to me that he doesn't want to quit. I definitely know Randall is not truly saved. To me he is deceived and he acts like he is OK.
Also, this man has diabetes and needs healing from this. I have prayed for him, first I want him to get truly saved in a way that the addiction and deception is removed, then I want him to be healed from his diabetes. Also, I need direction from the Lord on what he wants for me if anything regarding this man.

Anonymous • Posted on 7/2/2022 • General


Eddy L. • Posted on 4/15/2022 • General

Hi, pls pray for me.since over one week ago.i am having fever symptoms, such as headache,loss of appetite, general body weakness, muscle aches, sometimes my body temperature is either hot or cold.pray for God physical and spiritual healing in my body and mind.finaly, I want protection, favor and long life, Amen

Joanye C. • Posted on 3/13/2022 • Crisis

HMC family I am asking for all prayer warriors stand in agreement with me for healing for my husband Sidney he is going for chemotherapy on Tuesday 3/15/22. I'm thanking God in advance.

Joanye C. • Posted on 3/13/2022 • Crisis

HMC family I am asking for all prayer warriors stand in agreement with me for healing for my husband Sidney he is going for chemotherapy on Tuesday 3/15/22. I'm thanking God in advance.

Gavin T. • Posted on 2/8/2022 • General

I'm in a very serious battle here. Was put in a very compromising situation. Was hurt and messed up by someone who was trying to cover up a mistake that not only they made but that others had made. This was outright wicked what went down here, all because someone was concerned with how they would look, I get messed up bad and that's in turn put me in a compromising situation here to say the least where I can't go out and do what I was before and as a result it has been easier to fall into some sin temptations that I otherwise would not be that have opened up doors/portals to the demonic realm, and then be struggling on top of other things with demonic oppression and influence. Lately been having the symptoms of something afflicting me. Will get like these headaches, my pupils have dilated before, mental torment, coating/pattern on my tongue, etc. Outbursts of anger, struggling with fear, lust, hate, double mindedness, etc it is a real battle.

Taryn D. • Posted on 11/19/2021 • Crisis

Heavenly father
Please help me to stay centered and focused on You, Your love, Jesus and your ministering angels. Please help me achieve the positive thoughts and life by breathing deeply, being so grateful and appreciative meditating on Your word, and spending time in nature. Please help me to feel your love and presence more and more every day as I learn to surrender to you within this storm. I ask this in Jesus's name. Thank you for all your miracles and blessings you are doing in my mind, body, spirit.

Travy R. • Posted on 10/12/2021 • General

Prayer recovery from covid19 and any abnormal cells in the chest and lungs. And finances for food during this hard time . healing



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