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We believe in the power of prayer!  You are important to God, and you are important to us at Howard Ministries Church. When it comes to prayer, we believe that God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you. So whatever you're concerned about and need prayer for — we want to be here for you!

We ask for all to join and pray for each and every person's prayer needs.

Thank you and be blessed!

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Prayer Requests

Carmelita K. • Posted on 2/14/2024 • General

Good day
My name is carmelita I am in a state that I say God rapture what I ask pls I am not negative or mad it us really happening I am in my 40s I was 13 when my hell began I am blind in right eye left eye is affected now I I suffer from severe demonic oppression it crush me that I dont want to live yes I am a Christian but I cant move when the attack come I did all pastors say they will walk road wth me only one day then they gone I am isolated no people in a room my husband masud Indian from Bangladesh swears me dont give me money support he emotionally abuse me curse me nd kids to death he us like under a spell he dont fear God lost his love for me my kids Aleah a girl he hates her curse her say she will be raped nd die he smack her all abuse her she is in a depression she cant read she get panic attacks nd me her eyes she say she cant see right now that girl when to the mist severe abuse she hates men my boy Aidan he is 7 he us nd angry boy get sick alot cant breath right both my kids get sick alot nd me my mom gloria she is a backslidden but say she is Christian she abuse my girl control her she does vodoo against me nd my kids my mom break all my relationships she gossip make trouble now all hate me she nd my dad Clive also backslidden he put my mom up against me nd my girl then my mom gloria abuse me md my girl bad my daughter fear her my dad look wth hatred at my girl he say he hates me Aleah kick my hirl hit her bad nd maffected my mom they ran luk in his eyes speak in a tongue then my husbsnd attack me he fight wth me my brotherAshley wife rukeya daughter rushca brJason wife anthea all attack me wth vodoo I was almost dead they punish my kids wth food let them hunger they ront want people in my life or pastor they put stories in their head then no one help me my daughter Aleah the car almost bump her now pls help me I am desperate cell 0618711398 whatsapp my email

Anonymous • Posted on 2/9/2024 • Love

pastor call me william today 856-565-8374

Anonymous • Posted on 10/15/2023 • Love

pastor call me william today 856-565-8374

Saul A. • Posted on 10/9/2023 • Money

Prayer request for supernatural financial provision and breakthrough amen

Anonymous • Posted on 8/29/2023 • General

Hello I need to be healed my legs & feet are numb after knee replacement in April 2022 I want prayer for healing.I do know reverend Howard I am not Mobil have to use a walker and can no longer drive also I don't know how to use internet I have and want to give my testimony if possible would like to speak to rev Howard can I get a contact phone # or if he has time to call me please 703 943 7490

Anonymous • Posted on 5/28/2023 • Salvation

Please, pray for Jason, Cale, Michele, Jacque's salvation/rededication and for Stacey, Tecla, Marlize, and my relationships with them to grow. Jason and Jacque don't believe God exists. Michele and Cale have wandered from a personal relationship with Jesus. Stacey, Tecla, Marlize, and I want them to come back and to love Jesus with us. Thank you!

eric k. • Posted on 4/19/2023 • General

* reach another stage of anointing.
* get out of polyandry.
* getting out of incapacity.
*to get out of a woman.
* get out of rape; of plunder; offence; of shame; from confusion to be delivered from these things.
* come out of ingratitude; of a nature of ingratitude; of a system of ingratitude.
*return to center.
*get out of exciting and medical drug.
* reach another stage of prophecy and vision.
*have a place to pray at any time.
* have miracle money today and every day.

eric k. • Posted on 3/27/2023 • General

* pray that I may have a place to receive people to pray.
*have a job.
** have leaders with me.
** reach another level of anointing and sanctification.
**I'm 42 and I've noticed that I can't physically reach girls. Either we call and chat. To be delivered and I can have a wife.
**have friends.
**go to people; find my promoters.
** get out of injections this year. I can get 6 injections every year and no longer get injected.

melissa r. • Posted on 3/2/2023 • Money

so everything will go right in getting hired with a good steady job.
melissa rodriguez

Gloria B. • Posted on 1/16/2023 • General

Lord Jesus please I need encouragement, joy, peace, we are getting older,no family in the state, and I am worry if something happen to us. Please bring us friendly caring ,christian, neighbors, we do not have anyone, what I called garage door up and garage door down. .Lord Jesus I place our neighborhood in your hands. Amen



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