Do You Remember When...

Do you remember this old iron?


Do you remember when hospital bed pans were metal?

Do you remember using this woodstove flu?

Do you remember when you had to place your iron on the stove to heat it up?

Do you remember when large serving trays were very heavy and sturdy?


Do you remember when this camera was very popular?


Do you remember when the government issued war rations for World War II?

Do you remember when postcards only cost 1, 3 & 4 cents to mail?

Do you remember this event at the capital center?

He Remembers When:

  • There was a large open market on Benning Road, NE , Washington, DC and moved to Maine Ave. SW, Washington, DC.  They had tables setup to sell items there. 
  • The circus would come there too.  The circus was so large, it would take up the whole block . It came around springtime and stayed for a week.
  • He also remembers taking street cars around the city for transportation.

Do you remember these stamps from the American Lung Association in 1983?

Did you ever play this game?

Do you remember this game?

Do you remember when there was a drive-in theater in Merrifield, VA?

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Do you remember this store below?

Do you remember this Fisher Price Cash Register from the early 1960's?

Do you remember playing this game from the early 1960's?

Did you ever play this game from the early 60's?

Do you remember this baseball game?

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